Definitions Committee


A committee formed within PIRC to address issues within the industry relating to definitions or best practices. The purpose of this committee is to give clarity to positions, practices or requirements within property restoration and related industries. 

The committee meets weekly via conference call to review documents related to the mission of the group. To join this committee, fill out the form at the end of the page.


Best Practices for Photo Documentation (.pdf file) - 7-23-2019 Definitions Committee
Related Attachment: Photo Sheet Template (Download Editable .docx Word File) - 7-23-2019 Definitions Committee

To submit suggestions or changes, send an email here

Current Work

The committee is currently working on proposed draft language of the following items:

  • Restorer Requirements, with the understanding that this draft document is in infancy and is being reviewed and debated with each concall.

  • “Standardized Agreement” Form language ideas

  • Recruiting/Retention Success Stories Meeting Panel update

  • Warranty period update (Traveler’s Insurance 3rd party option)

  • Reinspection/Narrative Peer Review and/or Estimating Best Practices

    • What does it mean to say: “Complete Documentation”

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