What is the property INSURANCE AND RESTORATION conference?

The PIRC is a unique conference experience. Designed to allow interaction from all members of the audience, the conference offers topic-led discussions from all segments of the property restoration industry. Simply put, there is no sitting in the back of the room listening to a speaker drone on. Audience members are encouraged to speak their mind about topics important to the industry. Read more on the "About" Page Mission-Vision-AntiTrust

Why should i attend?

Attending PIRC gives you a chance to have your voice heard on topics important to the industry. More than a networking opportunity, PIRC gives you a chance to discuss problems and solutions with other industry professionals. 


PIRC has several committees that are working on issues or solutions between each meeting, and to present their work at the in-person conference. You do not have to be an attendee to participate! See Committees

Video Interview Shown at the RIA TPA Session 2017

when is the next meeting?

OCT 29/30 (TUES/WED)

Schedule: 12p - 5p Tues / 9a - 1p Wed Tues. Reception 6p

Check out the full meeting page for more information!


What topics will be covered?

Topics like restorer requirements, background screening, data-estimating standards, background checks, new technologies, and legislative issues facing the industry are all covered at PIRC. If there is an issue you think needs to be covered, let us know. Check out our previous agendas or recaps of previous meetings from our News page.

who will be at the meeting?

All segments of the industry will be represented, and usually by national figures or those who represent their own company. Folks from the restoration companies - large and small, as well as insurance executives, TPA representatives, vendors and other key players in the industry participate. The goal is to have all sides in the room to discuss issues.

This is the most excited I’ve felt after a meeting in this industry. Finally, a place where we can have a voice, see things before the rest of the industry, and maybe actually have issues find resolution!
— - PIRC Attendee