PIRC-CIECA Data Standards & Accessibility Committee


A joint committee formed within PIRC and along with CIECA, a data standards organization to address issues within the industry relating to data exchange and accessibility. Data Standards & Accessibility Committee focuses on 1) standardizing how data is exchanged and 2) ensuring that ecosystem constituents maintain secure access to this data.

The committee meets weekly via conference call to review documents related to the mission of the group. To join this committee, fill out the form at the end of the page.


Property Workflow DRAFT - showing message workflows between segments

Committee Business Plan - including benefits to Industry Segments

Committee Charter - including background, mission, scope, objectives, operating guidelines


The purpose of this committee is to define business information passing between parties as it relates to the property restoration and related industries.  We are asking for responses and feedback from the industry at-large relative to the work the committee has done so far, and to emphasize the importance of continued work in this area. It is critical for the success of the work if an expanded participation (e.g., insurance carriers) can be recruited.

The first objective will be to develop a single focus of the committee’s scope, objectives and goals.  It is evident that a framework has already begun that can drive future progress, and success will be dependent upon an expanded active participation.

Today, the cycle time for repairing and returning the properties to a pre-loss state for the property owners after property damage is our focus. This includes all aspects and all related parties. This currently takes a significant amount of time. Much of that time can be shortened if the gaps experienced in the reporting steps can be reduced with electronic communication. 

Our emphasis is on gaining efficiencies and improving service to all parties which is being stressed in the industry today.

Mission: to develop and maintain messaging standards and codes aimed at seamlessly exchanging information related to the loss data and eliminate any need for rekeying. When implemented the benefit will be to get it to the correct insurance company and property contractors/subcontractors quicker, reduce the cycle time (current lag time between the damage to finally returning the property to its pre-damage condition. This includes the interim steps between those events), and improve the overall customer experience.  Standards will benefit insurers, property restoration companies, and property owners in expediting the property restoration process. 

All business needs will be identified to enable the PIRC messages to move electronically and readily between parties.  Having standards allows the processing to occur much quicker than what is experienced in today’s environment. 

Customers demand a more timely, convenient, and efficient process, and setting standards is the first step toward this goal.


CIECA (Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association) was originally created to develop collision industry electronic standards, codes and standard messages and provides implementation guides to make the industry more efficient. All standards are developed by member organizations. Today, CIECA is composed of members of the automobile collision repair industry: repairers, insurers, vehicle manufacturers, parts and material suppliers, information and software providers, general service providers and related segments and industries. CIECA's goals are to deliver benefits to all participants through reduced development and support costs, lower cost of implementation, reduced barrier to entry and faster development times. Given CIECA’s expertise in developing data standards for automotive claims and restoration systems and the existing membership of the leading P&C Insurance companies, the organization is uniquely positioned to serve the property claims and restoration segment. As a result, CIECA is eager to assist PIRC and its’ member organizations on this initiative.

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